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Alliance Solutions on parade at Lord Mayor’s Show

On the 9th November 2019, Thriplow village’s Daffodil weekend committee, which three members of Alliance Solutions are part of, paraded through London for the Lord Mayor’s Show.

The day came after the committee were invited by the new Lord Mayor, William Russell who lives in Thriplow,  to put together a float for the occasion as part of the Lord Mayor’s Procession and to raise awareness of Thriplow’s Daffodil weekend, which raises money for charity each year.

The Daffodil Weekenders were equip with bright yellow wheelbarrows and dressed as pilots, a nod to The Red Arrows who fly over the village on neighbouring IWM Duxford Show Days.

The Lord Mayor’s Show is a historic annual event after the inauguration of the new Lord Mayor of London, bringing in over 6000 people to witness a joyful and diverse civic parade, with dozens of marching bands, military detachments, carriages, dance troupes, and ceremonial displays.

Each year, participants in the parade include organisations that the Lord Mayor wishes to support or has belonged to before become Lord Mayor, such as charities, old schools and business associations.

It was a fun, heartwarming day for the Alliance Solutions Team, for the Daffodil Weekend Committee, and for the yellow-tee-daffodil-wearing Thriplow locals who came along to support the participants and local William Russell on his inauguration.

Watch the video here:

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