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Microsoft Power Apps is a family of tools that let you easily move business data and processes into the Microsoft cloud. You can design your own forms and business processes to access your data or use one of the many existing Power Apps available.

Some organisations use Microsoft Power Apps where they don’t need all the ready-made features in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 family of products. Others use Microsoft Power Apps in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create powerful automated solutions and business processes that span Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other products.

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Alliance Solutions can help you on your Power Apps journey to modernise your organisation.

We can help you on your Power Apps journey to modernise your organisation. We can advise on how to automate business processes and where the ‘easy wins’ are. We can quickly build forms and processes or show you how your employees can do some of this themselves.

Microsoft Power Apps integrate directly with Microsoft’s other cloud services such as Microsoft Teams, email, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power BI as well as your standard Microsoft Office applications including Word and Excel. In addition, Power Apps can link to hundreds of third party products so the possibilities are almost endless.

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The data and processes in Microsoft Power Apps are designed to be usable from a desktop or laptop computer as well as both Apple and Android mobile or tablet devices. You can have custom forms to access data and store it in the format you want.

Some of the Power Apps features are free if you already use Microsoft 365 services, others have a low monthly subscription. Microsoft’s pricing is designed to ensure that cost is not an obstacle to using this powerful set of features.

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