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The Dark Web is an anonymous, hidden part of the internet which is hidden from – and cannot be accessed by – standard web browsers and search engines.

Due to this anonymity, the Dark Web is an ideal environment for hackers and cybercriminals to develop and propagate cyberattacks using hijacked IT infrastructure and illicitly obtained customer data. This data, such as stolen identities, credit card details and bank account numbers is also widely traded between criminals on the Dark Web.

Most cyber security solutions for business are designed to protect data inside the organisation and don’t mitigate the risks posed by this underground Dark Web activity.

Dark Web Intelligence Services

Dark Web intelligence service to protect against cyberattacks

As one of the leading cyber security companies in the UK Alliance Solutions gathers and analyses Dark Web data in near real-time, allowing us to identify and monitor cyberattacks in key areas emanating from the Dark Web before, during and after they happen.

Our Dark Web intelligence services include:

  • Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring, analysis and insights across multiple Dark Web channels including Deep Web and social networks
  • Intelligence and alerts: if your data is found on the Dark Web we can alert you, interpret the nature of the breach and formulate a mitigation plan
  • Mitigation: we can implement an action plan to mitigate and limit damage including a programme to notify and protect customers.
Dark Web Research

Why Dark Web research is important

A key benefit of using Dark Web research is the proactive monitoring that can provide alerts, meaning more effective cyber security defence through enhanced detection and prevention.

By using intelligence gathered by monitoring Dark Web activity, we can detect some attacks before they happen, preventing damage to reputation and financial loss. For more information, read this article about the Dark Web.

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