3CX VoIP Solutions

What is 3CX VoIP phone solutions?

The 3CX VoIP phone solution is a software-based telephone system that utilises Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to transmit voice calls over the internet, instead of traditional phone lines. It is designed for businesses of all sizes, offering features such as call handling, conference calls, and integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The 3CX system is compatible with various IP phones and can be accessed from different devices, including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

3CX VoIP can be deployed to suit your requirements and is ideal for distributed organisations with multiple offices, and for businesses with home-based workers.

The 3CX solution is easy to manage and comes out of the box with a range of options:

  • Low maintenance and management overhead
  • Pay-as-you-go per-user pricing or on-premises at your offices or in the Cloud
  • Transparent costs as all functionality and updates are included in one 3CX licence
  • Call Management Software – track the number of calls made, talk time, the number of transfers from each phone and more
  • Record Phone Calls – very useful for legal and financial institutions, or for training employees especially in a sales environment
  • CRM integration – Application Programming Interface (API) available for most CRM products
  • A rich range of useful features such as conference calling and voicemail
  • Automatic email notifications – get notifications of all missed calls and voicemails left
  • Hot-Desk, log on to any phone on the system to receive calls at your extension
  • Options including handset or headset and softphone
  • Cost-effective free calls between IP phones on your network
  • Door Entry System integration that can be operated through the phone system
  • Huge installed user-base with organisations around the world using 3CX’s innovative, reliable solution as a cost-efficient VoIP phone system.
3CX VoIP Telephone Solution

Why choose Alliance Solutions as your 3CX VoIP provider?

Alliance Solutions is a highly experienced 3CX Partner.

The 3CX VoIP solution is a Windows-based IP PBX system that can easily replace a traditional office telephone system without the need for additional cabling.

It is rich in features and has a web-based management console, making it easy to configure, manage and support, enabling a vast range of configuration options for every client need.

3CX VoIP phone system benefits

Your 3CX VoIP phone system can be deployed using network cabling installed in your office or as a wireless service.

We can install your system either with a license on your premises or as part of a fully managed service which includes private hosting at our data centre.

With the managed and hosted service, you’ll benefit from the flexibility of paying ‘per user, per month’ and can opt for dedicated VoIP handsets or softphones using headsets and a computer interface.

In addition to this, the 3CX VoIP telephony system is software-based, so there’s virtually no limit to the number of users that can be added.

3CX VoIP System Benefits

Rich call features provided as standard

3CX Devices

Use anywhere & everywhere

Windows and Mac clients and Android and iPhone apps to turn computers and Smartphones into phone extensions. Incoming and outgoing calls are handled consistently everywhere, as though users were in the office.

VoIP Cost Efficiency

Multi-site cost-efficiency

No call costs between offices and remote workers

3CX Personalised Voicemail

Personalised voicemail

Individual, shared & unified voice mailboxes send voicemail to email allowing mobile access

3CX Colleague Availability

Visible colleague availability

3CX allows everyone to see colleague availability to streamline communications.

3CX Auto-attendant


An automatic menu system allows callers to direct their own calls e.g.1 for accounts, 2 for sales etc.

3CX Hot Desk Facility

Hot Desk facility

Users can log on to any phone on the system to receive calls at their extension

3CX On-premise or Cloud

On-premise or in the cloud

Run 3CX exactly to suit your needs either on-premise on an existing dedicated server or in a virtualised environment using Hyper-V or VMware. Or host it in the Cloud. Or ask Alliance Solutions to manage your whole 3CX VoIP system end-to-end.

3CX CRM Integrations

CRM & other integrations

3CX offers a range of integrations with CRM, sales, communications and a range of other tools. An Application Programming Interface (API) is available for most CRM products.

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