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Cyber Security threats are on the rise and with the use of mobile technology in business continuing to grow, the need for robust cyber security solutions is becoming ever more urgent.

Our team of experts can guide you to ensure you have an effective cyber security solution in place.

In the ever evolving and escalating world of cyber attacks, most security experts, including ourselves, recommend a multi-layered approach. This approach uses different types of cyber security products, working together to build a more robust barrier against malicious activity. The combined solution ensures your data stays safe and prevents your IT systems failing due to malicious third party activity.

When first reviewing IT security and all the options available, it can often seem overwhelming with many uncertainties over which products are needed and which are not. We have done the comprehensive research needed to enable us to offer a best-in-class set of cyber security solutions, that cover all your likely security needs in one place. This includes everything from supply, installation, management and support, through to helping you gain any cyber security accreditations you may need.

Cyber security solutions

Keeping IT security costs down

Cyber security solutions can be expensive but they don’t have to be

We have gained so much experience in the area of IT security that we have optimised many of our installation processes. This allows us to install many of the security solutions for very little upfront cost and in some cases, for our IT support customers, no installation charges at all.

We install more security and associated IT management software across the UK, than any other products we sell. This volume allows us to offer extremely competitive pricing across the whole range.

Our Cyber Security Solutions

We have a complete Cyber Security solution, allowing us to support a wide variety of operations where the protection of data is vital.

Firewall Solutions

Firewall Network Security

We offer comprehensive firewall solutions to secure your network, data, and users. From threat prevention and content filtering to gateway anti-virus, our complete office network security service can help protect your entire team.

Antivirus and Anti Malware

Antivirus Protection & Anti Malware

Antivirus protection works to identify known threats using signature-based detection, while anti malware finds code that indicates a threat. We use a combination of security services to offer both antivirus and anti malware protection. These detection methods offer the most basic minimum protection required.

IT Security Monitoring

Endpoint Security Monitoring

SentinelOne is a powerful MDR (Managed Detection and Response) security solution that is generally considered to be best-in-class. This is the modern foundation of any network security solution and protects your network where traditional Antivirus and Anti Malware can’t. It is especially effective at preventing ever present ransomware attacks. All security incidents are monitored 24/7 by dedicated security engineers to ensure attacks are stopped and recovered quickly.

Mobile Device Security

Mobile Device Management Solutions

Our mobile device management (MDM) solution offers a fast and comprehensive way to configure smartphones, laptops, and tablets for access to your network, whilst ensuring that your network and any data kept on the devices remains secure.

Topsec Managed Email Security

Topsec Microsoft 365 Email Security

Our Topsec cloud-based managed email security service eliminates spam, viruses, and malware, quarantining malicious and undesirable content before it reaches your email system.

Safe and Secure Web Browsing

Webroot DNS Protection Solution

Alliance Solutions provides Webroot DNS Protection solution, to help businesses ensure network users can use the internet without fear of browsing a malicious website.

Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our ongoing cybersecurity awareness testing and training programme increases employee vigilance against threats, so they form a stronger line of defence against malicious attacks.

Dark Web Research and Analysis

Dark Web Intelligence Monitoring

Alliance Solutions gathers and analyses Dark Web data in near real-time, allowing us to identify and monitor cyberattacks in key areas emanating from the Dark Web before, during and after they happen.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials is a UK government-led standard cybersecurity certification. Gaining certification shows that your organisation understands and has in place a set of required measures required to prevent cyberattacks. Alliance Solutions can manage the certification process for you and ensure your organisation is successfully accredited.

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Did you know these cyber security facts?

1 in 5

Small businesses will suffer a cyber breach this year.


Of all breaches happen to small and medium sized businesses.


Of breaches could have been prevented with today’s technology.

Don’t let this happen to your business. Contact us now about our to secure your business against cyber threats.

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