Disaster Recovery

Plan ahead with disaster recovery

We advise all our clients to have a detailed and up to date disaster recovery plan

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are basic requirements for every business and organisation.

Unscheduled downtime can have a massive negative impact on client business. Yet worryingly, many organisations do not have an adequate disaster recovery plan in place that meets their needs.

A serious incident such as a flood, fire, IT system malfunction or data security breach could prevent you from continuing normal operations.

Alliance Solutions offers a disaster recovery planning service which is designed to get your business up and running again fast in the event of a major outage caused by an unexpected, catastrophic incident.

IT Disaster Recovery

Essential parts of the plan

Your disaster recovery plan should include:

  • A fully up-to-date copy of all your business-critical computing systems so that you can recover business applications, plus company data, client and supplier data and project information.
  • Documented processes that must be followed by all staff to get the business up and running again.
  • Procedures for maintaining, checking and updating the disaster recovering processes on a regular basis, to ensure that in the event of a disaster the disaster recovery plan will actually work.

How can Alliance Solutions help?

Our disaster recovery planning options help you prepare your people, processes and technology in the event of a major business disruption.

  • Components of our disaster recovery services include:
  • Automatic failover and recovery
  • Rapid and continuing availability of critical applications
  • Operational continuity in as short a time as possible
  • Creation of regular data backups from your head office site and other sites
  • Ensuring that data can be restored fast from a single disaster recovery location

For business critical systems we also recommend spreading the network server load of over different servers in different locations for a high availability solution that can more easily withstand an unexpected IT systems failure.

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