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Firewall & Network Security

As an essential component of any cyber security solution, we offer comprehensive firewall solutions to secure your network, data, and users.

Using Zyxel UTM, VPN, ATP, and Cloud Managed Security Gateway products, we offer robust protection against external and internal threats.

Zyxel firewalls and gateways offer comprehensive network security, including content filtering, gateway anti-virus and intrusion detection & protection (IDP).

Firewall Solutions

Threat Prevention

IDP (Intrusion Detection & Protection) uses network traffic signatures to identify a wide variety of malware threats and attacks such as trojans, backdoor applications, and denial of service (DoS) attacks, as well as other security hazards.

Zyxel IDP uses advanced context-aware threat analysis, as well as behaviour analysis, for the detection of threats to protect against both client-side and server-side vulnerabilities.

We provide comprehensive protection, whether facing anomaly-based or vulnerability-based threats.

Encrypted Threats

Many popular web and cloud-based services like Dropbox and Gmail use encrypted web sessions.

Unfortunately, attackers are also turning to encryption to evade detection, increasing the prevalence of malicious activity. Businesses now face the challenge of how to inspect incoming and outgoing traffic for threats under SSL encryption.

Zyxel IDP includes SSL inspection to help protect your network from these threats.

Continuous defence for superior protection

Zyxel Intrusion Detection and Prevention provides weekly signature updates

Signatures are updated without interruption as new threats emerge, so you never have to leave your network exposed. The capability of having imported customised signatures is also provided for networks with specific defence needs.

Content Filtering

Our content filtering service blocks certain classes of internal users from viewing set categories of websites and prevents them from browsing to potentially hazardous sites.

In this way, the Content Filtering solution helps prevent malware and malicious web threats.

In addition, the Content Filtering software can also restrict user access to external web based resources. Rich rulesets allow stringent content policies to be enforced during working hours and (if required) relaxed over lunch breaks and outside core office hours.

Gateway anti-virus

Gateway Anti-virus

Virus scanning at the door

The gateway anti-virus solution scans files as they pass through the firewall but before they reach the internal network.

Scanning files at the gateway provides a second level of anti-virus protection on top of anti-virus software installed on each computer.

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