24/7 Managed Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Security Monitoring

What is Endpoint Security Monitoring?

Endpoint security monitoring is a crucial aspect of modern cybersecurity strategies. The focus of this is on safeguarding devices such as laptops, smartphones and servers that connect to your network. These endpoints often become the targets of cybercriminals attempting to gain unauthorised access to your sensitive data and systems. By implementing consistent and effective monitoring, your organisation can proactively detect, prevent, and manage potential threats. With the right endpoint security monitoring tools and solutions, businesses can enhance their overall security posture and secure their valuable digital assets.

Managed Endpoint Protection

The landscape of cyber threats is ever-changing, requiring enhanced levels of protection. Standalone antivirus and anti malware software no longer meet the demands of today’s threats. Most cybersecurity experts are in agreement that preventative measures shouldn’t be your final line of defence. Even the smallest delay between threat detection and response can enable malicious attacks to breach your network before you can react.

To effectively monitor endpoint security, you need a solution that can intelligently identify and detect advanced threats and respond rapidly. This type of solution is known as Managed Detection and Response (MDR). Alliance Solutions is now offering the industry-leading MDR solution, ConnectWise MDR™.

Endpoint Security Protection
Managed Endpoint Monitoring and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response with ConnectWise MDR™

A more effective security solution

ConnectWise MDR™ is a sophisticated endpoint threat management solution provided by Alliance Solutions. It offers comprehensive coverage of your network endpoints, detecting and neutralising malicious threats swiftly.

ConnectWise MDR™ is equipped to guard against the most complex cyberattacks. It leverages best-in-class endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions like SentinelOne and Bitdefender and pairs it with the ConnectWise SOC. This technology gives you insights into the origins and causes of threats while enabling swift counteraction of malicious activities.

AI-Driven Monitoring by ConnectWise

The Powerhouse Behind ConnectWise MDR™

At the heart of ConnectWise MDR™ is Behavioural AI, a technology that monitors and records each running process to identify malicious activities. It is capable of detecting a wide array of virus and malware attack variants and determining their root causes.

ConnectWise’s behavioural AI technology protects every endpoint through the threat lifecycle:

  • Pre-execution: attack prevention
  • On-execution: detecting and containing threats
  • Post-execution: visibility & response, remediation & rollback
AI-Driven Endpoint Monitoring
SOC-Based Managed Endpoint Protection

Security Operation Centres

24/7 eyes-on security monitoring

An integral part of ConnectWise MDR™ is its Security Operation Centre (SOC), which provides around-the-clock monitoring and response to assist in remedying issues as they arise. The ConnectWise SOC serves as an extension of your own team.

The hundreds of highly experienced security personnel who operate the Security Operation Centres (SOCs) are able to intervene to:

  • Isolate an affected computer from the network while maintaining control of it remotely
  • Suspend potentially compromised user accounts
  • Carry out detailed security investigations
  • Remove the suspected threat
  • Rollback the state of a computer If it has already been compromised
  • Return the computer to safe operation

Combining all these elements makes the ConnectWise Endpoint Protection solution one of the most comprehensive security solutions available, offering maximum piece of mind.

SOC based solutions are expensive

The affordability of ConnectWise MDR™

ConnectWise MDR™ provides a comprehensive security solution at a cost suitable for small businesses. The main principle behind ConnectWise MDR™ is to deliver a top-tier security solution on a large scale, which helps distribute the expense of running an SOC across a vast number of endpoints, thereby maintaining affordability.

To our knowledge, there is no other solution that offers comparable value for each endpoint as ConnectWise MDR™.

ConnectWise Endpoint Protection Value

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