Remote Working IT Solutions

IT solutions for working from home – the new normal

More companies have recently shifted to remote working than ever before. As for the future, we’re looking at a more global workplace, with remote and flexible working at the forefront of many employers’ strategies.

Alliance Solutions can help keep your team connected and secure with a range of IT solutions and services designed to support remote working.

Whether you want to embrace cloud computing or give secure remote access to your business network, we can help you meet these needs quickly and securely.

Remote working IT solutions
IT solutions for remote collaboration

Collaboration, sharing and accessing data remotely

Remote working collaboration solutions

Most of us now need IT systems that allow us to work anywhere, often using multiple devices. There are several ways to achieve this. For some organisations, using Microsoft 365 is the answer. For others it is a combination of Microsoft 365 and remote business network access and then there is also the option of using virtual desktops.

We can advise you on the best route for your specific needs to ensure that costs are minimised while maintaining maximum flexibility.

It is always best to discuss your needs with an expert before deciding on which route is right for you. These pages give a basic summary of the options.

Remote business network access

Access the office remotely

It is a normal requirement for workers to have access to files on computers in the office (or data centre if relevant). There is more than one way to achieve this but whichever method is used it will rely on an encrypted connection between the remote worker and the organisation network.

There are also cyber security considerations that need to be addressed when using remote connections of this type.

We offer free advice to any organisation on how remote access should be configured and what layers of security are required to offer this facility safely.

Remote network access solution
Remote working telephone systems - IP PBX

Managing remote telephones

Extending an office phone system to remote workers

Many companies need a way of connecting their remote workers’ phones to their office phone system.

Linking remote workers most often involves the use of mobile devices along with an organisation IP PBX (phone system) product.

Remote working and security

As more people work remotely, your IT security needs to adapt to meet new security challenges

Alliance Solutions has every piece of the security toolkit you need, all in one place and all fully managed.

Security solutions for remote working

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