Remote Telephones

How to connect seamlessly to the office

Most organisations need a way of extending the office phone system to remote workers.

Linking remote workers can involve both an organisation PBX (phone system) and the use of mobile devices.

Remote telephones and IT
VoIP Phone Systems

3CX VoIP phone system

The 3CX VoIP phone system is a powerful software-based IP PBX product that is the ideal system for remote workers.

Remote workers can seamlessly access your phone system in exactly the same way as if they were in the office. You can supply desk phones or use a free mobile device and desktop apps to connect from anywhere.

All calls internal between employees are free no matter where they are.

Connecting with mobile devices

Use a mobile as an office connection

Mobile devices can be an effective part of your business network. Alliance Solutions is able to provide the devices you use and the airtime connections as well, all in one place.

We also configure devices to work with your company network to ensure that they work safely and securely.

Working remote using mobile devices

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