Remote Working Securely

Remote workers need more security

As more people work remotely either full or part-time, new security challenges need to be addressed.

Many businesses have opted to move their workforce to a more remote structure or now offer a hybrid work-from-home and office model. This has changed how organisations need to manage their IT security as remote workers are not protected by office firewalls and other systems.

Remote IT Security
Keep remote workers safe

Keep your remote workers safe

Our cyber security services and solutions can protect your team from anywhere in the world. Using ConnectWise MDR™ Endpoint Security Protection, we can protect every endpoint in your network through anything on the threat lifecycle, including:

  • Pre-execution: attack prevention
  • On-execution: detecting and containing threats
  • Post-execution: visibility & response, remediation & rollback

Microsoft 365 Email security

In addition to endpoint protection, we also provide Topsec email security

Our Topsec cloud-based managed email security service eliminates spam, viruses, and malware, quarantining malicious, and undesirable content, according to your administrator policy. This service provides:

  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-malware
  • Email continuity
  • Protection against blended threats
Remote Email Security

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