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Alliance Solutions offer a range of IT security services to ensure that your networks and infrastructure are as secure as possible.

From threat detection and prevention, all the way through to combatting zero day attacks, ransomware and other cyber threats, we can provide peace of mind.

Our security services

Alliance solutions offers a comprehensive range of security products and services to ensure that your networks and infrastructure are as secure as possible.

It can seem overwhelming when trying to navigate through the minefield of the many cyber-threats that now face us daily.

We can explain what the risks are, how to prevent them and how to monitor everything with little or no effort on your part. Managing cyber security is an ever growing part of what we do for our customers. Our main services include:

  • Office Network Security
  • Anti-virus Protection & Anti-Malware
  • SentinelOne and 24/7 IT Security Monitoring
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Topsec Microsoft 365 Email Security
  • Webroot DNS
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Dark Web Intelligence
  • Cyber Essentials Certification
IT Security Challenges
Cybersecurity for Remote Workers

Remote Workers

Our cybersecurity services can protect your team working anywhere worldwide.

Protecting remote workers and your company data on their devices worries most business managers today. We have a number of solutions that integrate together to create a robust barrier to cyber threats for workers both in and outside the office.

Using SentinelOne and 24/7 IT Security Monitoring is the best way to protect all your workers, especially those who work remotely.

Remote workers who use their own personal devices to connect to the office network generally won’t have company security software installed and pose additional potential issues as these devices can often be used by other family members. We can set up protocols to prevent data transfer between the personal devices and the office network.

Blocking malicious emails

Email is the most common method for ransomware and other cyber threats to attack your workers and your company infrastructure

Topsec Email Security comprises of a range of integrated security tools that offer a layer of cloud-based security before emails reach your network or your remote users including:

  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-malware
  • Email continuity
  • Protection against blended threats

Our Topsec cloud-based managed email security service eliminates spam, viruses, and malware, quarantining malicious, and undesirable content, according to your administrator policy.

Blocking Malicious Emails
IT Security Monitoring

24/7 IT Security Monitoring

We partner with a network of Security Operations Centres that provides round-the-clock network security monitoring, including environmental assessments, threat monitoring, mitigation, and remediation services.

The security team is made up of highly qualified security professionals with a broad range of industry and technology training and certifications, meaning that we can monitor and manage your network security constantly.

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