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Chat, meet, call and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

A key requirement for many organisations of all sizes is for employees to work remotely and securely from any location. Microsoft Teams is an integral component of Microsoft 365, designed specifically to enable secure collaboration between remote users, both individually and as groups.

Use Teams to run conference calls and virtual meetings for any number of users, with features such as screen sharing and secure, private instant messaging to enhance remote communications.

For today’s agile businesses, where remote working from home and other locations is rapidly becoming the norm, Microsoft Teams is the complete package of communication and collaboration tools to enhance efficiency.

Microsoft Teams

Secure integrated online collaboration

Seamless integration with familiar Office 365 applications.

Teams is the perfect platform for your online meetings, online demos, video conferences and live events of all kinds, both with your own employees and guests.

Microsoft Teams comprises a set of online communication and collaboration services that can be used via a desktop app on Windows, Mac or via an app on Android, iPhone or iPad. The tools include video chat and messaging which are neatly integrated with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and OneDrive.

What’s more, all data stored in Microsoft Teams can be backed up securely on the cloud, ensuring lost data is a thing of the past.

Tailor your Microsoft Teams subscription

Alliance Solutions can help your business start using to Microsoft Teams.

If you’re already using Microsoft 365 for your email or Microsoft Office applications and want to use Microsoft Teams, ask Alliance Solutions to help you set up and deploy it across your organisation. We know you’ll have your own specific needs, and Microsoft Teams can be configured and tailored to fit exactly around yours.

Our aim is to support your business to become more agile, innovative and productive by helping you get the best out of Microsoft 365 and Teams.

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