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Fast and comprehensive Mobile Device Management solutions

Many organisations provide mobile devices to employees, with the resulting need for a solution to deploy, configure, update and manage these devices.

For distributed workforces, this represents a management challenge, particularly given the complex security risks associated with connected mobile devices.

What’s needed is a mobile device management (MDM) solution which offers a fast and comprehensive way to configure these smartphones and tablets for access to your network, whilst ensuring that your network and any data kept on the devices remains secure.

Mobile Device Management Solutions

Managing your business-critical mobile devices

We use a fully integrated cloud-based mobile device management platform which provides full visibility and management control across mobile devices including applications and documents.

The platform is designed to limit downtime, keep costs low, increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Using MDM you can manage mobile devices on your network via a range of features:

  • Fast and efficient mobile device deployment
  • Remote support features to fix device and app problems quickly
  • Automatic device connectivity configuration (3G/4G & 5G, Wi-Fi and VPN) ensuring secure communication from any location
  • Restrict application usage on mobile devices to secure corporate data

Geofencing policies to control apps and content based on precise geographic boundaries such as limiting app access within certain buildings or sites.

We have helped business throughout Hertfordshire and all around the UK, to implement and run MDM solutions that exactly meet their business needs. Contact us today to see how we can help yours.

Fast and efficient mobile device deployment

With MDM you can get mobile devices into the hands of your workers fast, whilst also ensuring they are compliant with company mobile device policies. 

Deployment features incorporating over-the-air installation, configuration and updates include:

  • Express enrolment via barcode scanning or NFC ‘Bump’
  • Integration with OEM device enrolment solutions e.g. Apple DEP, Android zero-touch, Samsung KME, Windows Autopilot and Zebra StageNow
  • Quick and consistent device deployment using profiles (configuration sets) and packages (app sets) based on user role or geographic location

Self-service portal for employee-initiated enrolment.

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