Dynamics 365 and Power Apps

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In Dynamics 365 and Power Apps, Microsoft have developed an extremely powerful and easy to use family of applications and tools to help you manage your organisation.

Many people rely on email along with Excel and Word to manage their organisation, customers and suppliers. Although this is possible to do and many have been doing it for years, the world is not standing still. An ever increasing number of businesses are using smarter tools to gain a competitive edge. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps help to give you that edge.

Of course, Microsoft 365 remains as essential range of solutions for the majority of organisations and we provide deployment and management of subscriptions for businesses throughout Hertfordshire and the UK.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for remote working

Dynamics 365 and Power Apps – the ideal solution for remote users

Work anywhere

Many organisations are now using a hybrid business model where employees are based both in the office and working from home. Better tools are even more important with this new model as endless emails and spreadsheets no longer do the job effectively.

Alliance Solutions has helped a growing number of organisations move to this hybrid working model, both with updating their IT infrastructure and telephone systems to allow secure home and flexi-working, and building new streamlined business processes using Microsoft’s powerful business applications.

Keep it simple but powerful

Build your new streamlined business processes over time

It can appear daunting at first if you have ever looked at any of these Microsoft products but it really needn’t be. Alliance Solutions can remove all the marketing noise and explain, simply and in plain English, what these products actually do and whether they can help you.

To keep things simple, we have grouped the products into three groups:

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is important for any organisation to understand the basics of what these products are, what they can do and what they cost (very little in many cases).

If you would like more information, please contact Alliance Solutions for examples of how Microsoft business applications and tools could help you.

Microsoft Power Apps for remote working

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