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Choosing between cloud and on-premises server solutions

We all use multiple IT services in our day to day work. Some services are best suited to cloud solutions and others are better using your own servers.

The big question is which is best?

There is also the question of cost. Servers normally incur a higher upfront cost (although paying for a server using a lease can avoid this) but lower ongoing operating costs. Using the cloud is the opposite. A careful analysis of the costs of each is required to make an informed decision on which services are best and where they run.

Some answers are very straight forward and others require more careful analysis. A hybrid server solution comprising of part cloud and part on premise may be best suited to run your business applications. We attempt to answer some of the easy questions here.

Whichever server solution you use or need, Alliance Solutions can help you install it, manage it and support your users to ensure that you can focus on your business rather than solving IT problems.

Server Solutions
Choosing the right server solution for you

Factors to consider

There are several key points to consider when choosing between cloud and server solutions.

The pages below address these key areas:

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