Microsoft 365 Backup

Backup your cloud data

Most cloud data isn’t backed up

It is very important that your cloud email and file storage is backed up. This is an often overlooked requirement due to the belief that all cloud services include regular backups. This is not the case.

Microsoft 365 email is replicated so that the data is not stored on a single server but this is not the same as a backup. If data is corrupted in some way, replication will copy the damaged data to the replica. A backup is a snapshot before the data was damaged, allowing you to restore it.

Cloud backup of your data is essential. Alliance Solutions offers a seamless and very low cost Microsoft 365 backup service that will backup not just your emails but any other cloud data you store in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive.

Microsoft 365 Backup
Managed Backups

Fully managed backup solution

We manage your backups for you

If you are an Alliance Solutions IT support customer, we will also manage your backups on your behalf to give you complete peace of mind.

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