Server and PC cloud backup

Cloud based backup solution

Protect all your data

The Alliance Solutions cloud backup service will protect all your file data as well as databases and other specialised data.

Backups are stored as fully encrypted copies on multiple servers in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This is an extremely secure and fault tolerant solution which is required to ensure that your data backups are always available in the event that you need to recover data.

Cloud Backup

UK backup storage

Keeping it local

All backup data is backed up to Microsoft data centres within the UK. This reduces complexity when dealing with GDPR requirements and, of course, enables faster local data access.

Configurable retention policies

You control what to keep

The backup service allows you to define your own retention policies, which means you can benefit from an optimum balance of daily, weekly and monthly backups to fit perfectly with your business data requirements.

Fully managed solution

We manage your backups for you

If you are an Alliance Solutions IT support customer, we will also manage your backups on your behalf to give you complete peace of mind.

Fast and granular restores

Get access to critical data quickly

Full restores can be performed quickly but if you need critical files faster, we can restore these for you first giving you very fast access to your most critical information whatever the reason.

Scalable block level backup

Faster backups and faster Internet

All data is backed up at block level. This means that if only part of a file is updated then only that part of the file needs to be sent to the cloud again. This greatly reduces the volume of data sent out over your Internet connection, helping to keep it faster for your users. This also means that the cloud backup service can handle very large volumes of data measuring many terabytes.

Backup agents

An agent for every type of data

Backup agents are specialised pieces of software that run on the computers to be backed up. These agents communicate with our storage platform in the Microsoft cloud and handle the data process and data encryption so that the data is already encrypted when it leaves the computer.

Different types of data require different agents. We have one of the most extensive ranges of backup agents available:

  • Microsoft Windows Desktop
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • VMware
  • Hyper-V
  • Microsoft 365
  • G Suite

Low cost

The best solution at the lowest cost

We offer extremely competitive storage rates for cloud backup with organisations storing many 1000s of Gigabytes using our cloud backup service. In addition the backup agent license costs have very low monthly fees to avoid any need to pay for expensive backup software upfront.

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