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Before the pandemic hit, the world was a very different place, and so were our workplaces.

During lockdown, many businesses shifted to remote working, meaning that their workforce was scattered and their IT needs drastically changed.

While some companies have fully returned to office based working, many businesses have opted to move their workforce to a more remote structure or offer a hybrid work-from-home and office model.

Needless to say, technology and IT needs have been altered significantly by the pandemic, but Alliance Solutions can help keep your team connected and secure with our wide range of remote working IT solutions and services.

Remote Working Solutions

Solutions for remote working

For secure remote and hybrid working, we recommend Microsoft 365 and Teams as your starting point.

Using Microsoft 365 will enable your employees to work individually, together and remotely wherever they are. We offer:

  • Microsoft Office and 365 audit reviews
  • Microsoft Office and 365 migration and deployment services
  • Support and management services to keep your Microsoft 365 solution updated.

Keeping remote workers secure

A critically important element of any remote or hybrid working solution is making sure cyber-security is properly implemented.

Alliance Solutions has a comprehensive range of security related products and services to ensure your workers and your company data stay safe, including:

  • Anti-virus and anti-malware
  • Anti-spam
  • 24/7 monitored endpoint protection
  • Computer vulnerability patch management
  • Email continuity
  • DNS protection
  • Remote worker backup
  • Remote support and management.

Remote Working IT Security
Decentralised IT Structure

Decentralised structure

Some companies are now considering closing under-used offices and moving servers and other equipment to other locations.

Alliance Solutions can help your organisation reduce office space costs by hosting your server and data applications in either a shared or dedicated secure data centre environment. We can manage your hosted servers or build your own private cloud as required.

We can also help you move some of your server applications to the Microsoft cloud and remove the need for some of your existing server infrastructure all together.

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