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What is remote assistance?

With remote assistance, we can connect to your servers and individual computers to resolve problems, carry out maintenance tasks and run scans, often without interrupting your users.

We use one of the most powerful Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) systems available in the IT industry to ensure that we can offer your users the best support experience possible.

The extensive software tools we have available allow us to identify and resolve problems quickly and with minimum fuss.

Remote IT Assistance Services

How does remote assistance work?

On Demand Remote Assistance

When you need help, our engineers remotely connect to your computer or other network device over a secure encrypted link via the Internet. The connection uses multi-factor authentication which means that we don’t just rely on passwords to ensure it is secure. We can connect to your computers to help your users no matter where they are in the world.

Proactive Remote Assistance

Many of the IT support and maintenance tasks we carry out remotely are required as a result of alerts from the monitoring software we install on the customer network. These alerts warn us of potential problems so that we can resolve them remotely before they impact your users.

If server problems are detected outside of business hours the Network Operation Centre (NOC) will pro-actively work to resolve them over night before your users start work the next morning.

The proactive remote assistance we include as standard eliminates the need for almost all support related site visits.

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