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Storing Data

File storage

When to use the cloud

The question of where is best to store files is often more involved than some of the other system choices. We always recommend having a conversation with us to find out what types of files you need to store, what software you use and where your users are located.

These are some of the factors that may help you in your decision.

Sharing files

Are you regularly emailing attachments?

One thing is certain. If you are storing files that you need to refer to regularly and find yourself emailing them as attachments then it’s time to look at a collaboration solution such as Microsoft Teams to share them.

On premises applications

Local applications and local data

If you use software that needs to process large amounts of data or uses data in specialist formats, it can often be simpler and more efficient to keep data local and store it on a server.

Every application is different and it is always important to look at each situation on a case by case basis. Also, some applications describe themselves as ‘cloud’ applications when, in reality, only part of what they do uses the cloud. This is often more a marketing exercise than a technical one and it is always worth getting advice on the applications that you use.

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