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Save time and effort with more efficient file sharing and fewer email attachments

Most organisations suffer from endless emails with attached documents that can lead to more and more versions of the same thing being stored again and again. This is difficult to manage and can cause serious problems when the wrong version of a file is used by mistake.

Microsoft SharePoint Online offers a simple and effective solution. Rather than sending an attachment, send a link to a shared document instead. This allows an organisation to refer to a single document which when it is updated, it is updated for everyone.

Managing Permissions

Simple security

With a shared document you can control who has access and who can update it so you can share it with the confidence that only those who you want to be able to access and edit it can.

Integrated into Microsoft Teams

Access your files within Microsoft Teams

Microsoft SharePoint Online is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams. Your files are available in the same application you use for meetings, chats and video calls making sharing information easier than ever.

Managing multiple document versions

Keep your documents under control

As soon as you edit a document you can easily end up with a need to keep multiple versions to keep track of changes. Microsoft SharePoint Online does this for you automatically. This is especially useful if you give multiple people permission to edit a file. You can look at the document history and the changes made over time and revert to a previous version with just a click, assuming you have the permission to do this of course.

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