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The easiest way to think of OneDrive is as the equivalent to storing files on your local computer except that it is in the Microsoft Cloud. These files are normally files you want to work with day to day but don’t normally need to share regularly.

The problem with this is that sometimes you save a file on a local computer but then need to access it from elsewhere. If you don’t have remote or direct access to that computer then this becomes a problem. You could store the file on a server but what if you then want to access it from your phone?

OneDrive lets you store and access files from anywhere using any device.

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Sharing your files

Quick and secure file sharing in moments

Although OneDrive is designed for your own work files, you can quickly share a file with others when you need to and automatically send an email with a link to it. You can control who can see it and allow others to edit it if you wish

This is another way to help reduce the blizzard of email attachments we all have to deal with in our daily lives.

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