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As your business evolves, so do your systems, infrastructure, and your team.

Our support services assist you in identifying and addressing potential issues and risks to make sure that your IT systems are healthy and stay that way.

Our business continuity services

Business continuity is a set of IT systems and procedures to manage backups of your systems and the ability to restore data in the event of a failure or other disaster.

Our IT-focused support approach helps you to identify and address potential issues and risks and ensure that your IT systems remain healthy no matter what.

Business Continuity Services
Replicating Data and Backup

Replicating data

In addition to backing up data you may also need to replicate your data in near real-time to ensure that if something happens to one copy, you have near instant access to another copy.

Alliance Solutions has a number of solutions for replicating data depending on how quickly you need access in an emergency. Solutions include fast restore systems all the way to data centre based server co-location that replicates what office based servers do but at a separate site in case of disaster.

Managed Cloud Backups

We can backup your data safely and securely to the cloud. You can manage the backup process or allow us to do this for you.

Our cloud backup solution is one of the most competitive in the market and yet is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform in the UK, which complies with UK legislation, for maximum peace of mind.

Cloud Backups
IT Disaster Planning

Disaster Planning

Our business continuity services help you plan for a disaster to ensure you know you can recover quickly and completely.

If you don’t have a plan to deal with disaster, surprises, technological changes, or otherwise, when you are faced with such circumstances, you can struggle to recover. We offer a disaster recovery planning service where we can help you create a disaster recovery plan for minimal effort and minimal cost.

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