IT deployment

End-to-end IT system deployment services from Alliance Solutions.

At Alliance Solutions we have the IT expertise, accredited engineering resource, project management skills and testing facilities to ensure your IT deployment project runs smoothly, is up and running on time and remains within budget.

That means faster operational readiness and ROI for you.

Seamless IT installation and integration

When you use a firm of IT deployment specialists to install and commission your new IT infrastructure, you need peace of mind that everything is going to go according to plan.

That’s why at Alliance Solutions we plan every aspect of your project down to the finest detail.

Our aim is to deploy your new technology as efficiently as possible, with minimum fuss and disruption, and making sure that are no unexpected issues crop up to impact the plan.

Key elements of your deployment

When you ask Alliance Solutions to install your IT systems, equipment and technologies you’ll be guaranteed of the following stages:

  • Project planning
  • Site surveys and preparation to ensure the intended site is fully ready
  • Preparation and pre-configuration prior to onsite installation
  • Installation and integration of all network, software and hardware systems
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Commissioning and handover
  • Supply of provisioning documentation, warranties and guarantees
  • Ongoing management and support if required.

Throughout the deployment project, our highly experienced project managers will ensure that every detail is taken care of to ensure that it remains on target and on budget.

Confidence and peace of mind for you

We can install any product we sell (and many others besides) on your network and integrate it with your existing technologies.

Our goal is to provide you with complete confidence, allowing you to focus on your core business while we take care of your IT deployment for you.

We’ll work within your timescale and budget, ensuring successful installation, configuration and deployment every time.

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