Which IT Policies Does Your Business Need?

In previous articles we’ve discussed the fact that many businesses have come to depend on IT, to the extent that without proper IT systems they cannot function properly, if at all. By “IT systems” we mean computers, software, email, databases and bespoke departmental or functional software systems, any or all of which may form part…

Richard Hatton Associates

Richard Hatton Associates – Case Study

About Richard Hatton Associates Richard Hatton Associates (RHA) is a thriving client-focused consulting civil and structural engineering practice based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Operating nationwide, the practice provides feasibility, design, supervisory and expert witness services to public and private sector clients in the construction industry. The consultancy uses technology extensively throughout the business, and has invested…

security breach

6 Reasons Your Data is at Risk

The theft or loss of important data on the part of companies and public sector organisations isn’t new or shocking any more. It’s an all-too-regular occurrence, which typically only makes the headlines if it’s a big organisation or public body that’s affected. Yet smaller businesses are equally at risk, and though they may not be…