Software Project

A range of software project services

Because we have our own in-house software development team, we can deliver a range of software project services aimed at saving our clients time and money whilst also delivering the exact software features, functions and benefits you require.

Software location and sourcing

Where the software needed for a specific application or function is only available as a specialist or obscure software product, locating such software can be complex and time-consuming. Alliance Solutions can locate specific third party software application to meet the requirements.

We can undertake the analysis of your requirements and search for relevant software products that may be available. This often includes discussions with the software vendor to confirm the suitability of the product.

The cost involved in Alliance Solutions doing the ‘foot work’ is often substantially less than the time and labour costs involved in attempting to locate your own software solutions.

Bespoke software development

There are many situations where a specific software solution is required to meet a customer’s requirements.

So we also develop bespoke software solutions to meet exact functional and business requirements where off-the-shelf software may not be available or isn’t capable of fulfilling the brief.

We can also design bespoke software specifications to your brief if you wish to source the development elsewhere or develop in-house.

Other software services

  • Customisation of off-the-shelf software products such as CRM software
  • Installation of third party software solutions
  • Support for customised software solutions

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