Remote Assistance

What is Remote Assist?

With remote assistance, we can connect remotely to your servers and resolve problems, carry out maintenance tasks and run scans without having to involve you

When you start an IT support or management agreement with Alliance Solutions we will be able to respond quickly to support requests and carry out much of the work remotely.

The main benefit of Remote Assistance is that once we know of an issue requiring resolution, we can log in to your systems to diagnose and resolve the issue without keeping you on the line talking.


How does Remote Assistance work?

1. Manual Remote Assistance

When you initiate a Remote Assist request, we remotely connect to your network over a secure encrypted link using a virtual private network via the Internet. Connecting to your network in this way ensures that the integrity of your network security is maintained.

To use the service, click the Remote Assist button on our homepage or the S.O.S. button on our Contact Us page.

2. Proactive Remote Assistance

Many of the IT support and maintenance tasks we carry out remotely are required as a result of alerts from the server monitoring software on the customer network. These alerts warn us of a potential problem that we can then resolve remotely before it impacts your network users.

In this case, the Remote Assistance service operates in conjunction with our 24-hour Server Monitoring service. For users of 24-hour Server Monitoring with Remote Assist, it means that only on very rare occasions or for emergencies that we would need visit your site for an unscheduled visit.

For most customers, there is no requirement for unscheduled visits, reinforcing the point that preventative IT maintenance leads to very high network up-times.

Contact Alliance Solutions for more information about our
remote assistance service on 0800 292 2100 – and ask for a free IT systems audit