Outsourced IT Support

For many of our clients we are their outsourced IT support department.

At Alliance Solutions we deliver tailored and cost-effective outsourced IT support solutions for small and medium businesses, public sector organisations and larger corporate enterprises.

The overall goal of our outsourced IT support service is to ensure you enjoy a trouble-free network with as little ‘down time’ as possible. A certain way to ensure this is to give full responsibility for IT support to Alliance Solutions, so you can focus on your core business activities.

It’s a comprehensive solution comprised of:

1. Fast response and resolution for IT problems when they arise
2. Proactive network monitoring to ensure that systems are operating correctly
3. Scheduled site visits to perform updates and maintenance work.

These continuous “health checks” ensure that your IT systems operate at an optimum level to support your business operations, providing you with reliability, performance, security and return on investment.


Complementary outsourced IT Support for in-house IT staff

If your business already has a small IT team, perhaps with one or two staff, Alliance Solutions can offer you a customised IT support package that will integrate perfectly with your IT team’s role to provide support and IT skillsets in the specific areas you require.

This complementary IT support can augment the skills of your in-house staff, who have the in-depth knowledge of your internal systems. Our specialist network support skills such as IT security or helpdesk support can combine with your in-house skills to provide a fully integrated IT support function.

Other areas where Alliance Solutions can add value include:

  • Rich experience in networks, software, hardware and technologies
  • Specialist functional IT skills such as cloud, security, VoIP, ECM etc
  • Additional technical resource during major network or software upgrades
  • Extra IT support cover during times of holiday illness etc.


The business case for outsourced IT support

If your business is growing and you’re hiring new employees, your IT support overheads are going to increase with each new member of staff.

There comes a point when the old methods of ‘getting by’ with your IT requirements are no longer adequate, yet maybe your business is not yet quite at the size where you can justify hiring a full time permanent IT Manager.

So as an alternative, you may prefer to outsource your IT services.

As you start your search for a new IT support partner a quick Google search will show you hundreds of companies out there who – on the face of it – look like they offer very similar services.It’s a crowded space. So how are you going to find a company that you can confidently entrust your IT services to? To find out, read our top tips about the factors to look for in an IT Support Provider.

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