managed services

Managed Services from Alliance Solutions

If you choose our Managed Services solutions, our IT support engineer will visit your offices and sites at agreed intervals to manage, maintain and update your IT network, servers, client computers and selected systems.

During these visits we analyse the how your network is being used, looking for issues and diagnosing problems. In this way we can identify areas for improvement and implement regular improvements in your network set up and infrastructure.

The result is better working practices and improved service for network users. Some tasks regularly undertaken under the Managed Service are as follows:

  • Installation of service packs/ maintenance releases
  • Preventive software maintenance on the server
  • Anti-Virus update installations on server and workstations
  • Backup logging and verification
  • Pre-emptive hardware diagnosis
  • Network performance monitoring and tweaking
  • Licence auditing and compliance advice
  • Network security review

By using Alliance Solutions for your Managed Services, we effectively become an extension to your business.

It offers you the potential for a more cost-efficient IT support or IT management solution than employing additional specialist IT staff.

Contact Alliance Solutions for more information about
our managed service solutions on 0800 292 2100