server monitoring

Alliance Solutions offers a 24-hour server monitoring service

24/7 network and server monitoring is essential for maximum business uptime. Comprised of proactive, preventative network management and maintenance, our service performs regular, automated checks for problems that could affect, or may be currently affecting the performance and security integrity of your network.

In the event that an issue is discovered, our expert network engineers experts will take immediate corrective action to including fixing any failures.


How is 24-hour server monitoring delivered?

We use off-the-shelf network monitoring tools as well as our own in-house monitoring software which was developed by our software team.

Using this blend of software technologies means we can tailor our server monitoring services to meet our requirements and those of our customers.

Our server monitoring product is called Server Monitor, and it is installed on customer servers which we support to provide a 24-hour monitoring service on all major aspects (such as disk space, CPU,  and memory) of the server itself as well as network load on all its connected networks.


Benefits of Alliance Solutions 24-hour server monitoring service

Our in-house developed server monitoring software gives us a competitive edge, because we can release major enhancements as required to keep our monitoring capability fully up to date – a luxury that is not always possible when relying on 3rd party products.

By using our server monitoring solution, our network engineers undertake proactive and preventive monitoring and analysis to identify and fix problems as they arise, as well as looking for the warning signs that suggest an issue may be building.

Our 24-hour server monitoring covers a range of core factors all of which may determine the uptime and availability of key operational business systems, including:

  • Applications and custom applications
  • Operating systems
  • Network intrusion attempts
  • Hardware disks, disk space and RAID
  • Server processing performance
  • Internet connectivity
  • Email and SMTP
  • Antivirus and antispam systems
  • Backups
  • Website

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