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Alliance Solutions offers VoIP telephone systems for flexible, efficient and cost-effective telephony

VoIP phone systems are a highly cost effective connectivity solution, as they use the Internet connection to make free calls between IP phones on the network. It is particularly attractive for distributed organisations with several offices, and for businesses with home-based workers.

A VoIP solution is easy to manage too, using an intuitive web interface via a browser, which means no expensive maintenance or management. Rich in useful features such as conference calling and voicemail, VoIP systems are an ideal alternative to inflexible in-house managed telephone systems.

VoIP phone system benefits

Like a computer network, a VoIP phone system uses network cabling installed in the office or a wireless service over DECT phones.

VoIP handsets use a network IP address, and can be monitored, checked and updated remotely. Because it shares your existing computer network, a VoIP telephone system can extend across multiple sites including home office sites with a broadband connection.

This means that:

  • Calls between these individual VoIP phone handsets on the same network are free of charge
  • All outgoing calls made from remote or home office location are routed out over the office VoIP system using lower cost IP call charges, which are normally at a cheaper rate (especially overseas calls)
  • All call charges including home office phones can be on the one company bill i.e. no business home phone charges
  • Each VoIP handset is an extension of the network yet can have its own dedicated phone number, including a local STD code
  • Multiple calls can be made or received concurrently over a single line, reducing the need for multiple BT telephone lines and resulting in ongoing savings on line rental.

Reduce costs and work smarter with a VoIP phone system from Alliance Solutions and 3CX

At Alliance Solutions we are highly experienced in the installation and support of IP PBX systems. 3CX is our chosen in-house VoIP connectivity solution and are our preferred partners.

The 3CX VoIP solution is a Windows-based IP PBX system used globally by more than 30,000 customers, and can easily replace a traditional office telephone system without the need for additional cabling.

It is rich in features and has a web-based management console, making it easy to configure, manage and support, enabling a vast range of configuration options to suit virtually every client need.

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