server virtualisation

Server virtualisation reduces capital and management costs

Not only that, but it delivers cost savings on on-going maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Like many IT solutions, server virtualisation originally came about as a way of reducing capital expenditure and investment required for the ‘traditional’ approach of installing a separate physical server for each server role.

As a result, server virtualisation overcomes the need for multiple physical servers (and hence the capex cost) by housing multiple virtual servers on one physical server where they can efficiently run multiple different operating systems in parallel.

The business case is all about reducing up front and ongoing costs improving resource utilisation, reducing requirements for physical space, energy and cooling requirements and improving business flexibility.


Why use Alliance Solutions for your server virtualisation project?

We’ll work hard to gain a deep understanding of your business requirements, network infrastructure and user application requirements.

Before we embark on your project, our aim will be to identify the potential gains to be made by your organisation from designing and implementing your virtualisation solution in the short, medium and long term.

Server virtualisation requires software such as Microsoft Hyper-V (or VMWare), which is included in the latest Microsoft Windows Server software. At Alliance Solutions we’re experts in Microsoft technologies as well as networking, security and data hosting.

We’re ideally placed to help you derive maximum benefit from your server virtualisation solution by providing you with:

  • A highly scalable and flexible server infrastructure, ready to meet growing demands
  • Reduced labour and capital costs compared to adding physical servers
  • A highly effective disaster recovery plan
  • Reduced on-going maintenance costs and energy consumption
  • Fully compatible route to cloud-based technology solutions

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