mobile solutions

Mobile solutions to connect computers, mobile devices and people with data

Today’s agile and efficient businesses are harnessing mobile technology to give teams the tools to communicate with each other and to access data quickly, easily and efficiently.

Ultimately these new converged mobile solutions and enhanced levels of connectivity can generate increased productivity and greater competitive advantage.

At Alliance Solutions, we provide mobile solutions and devices that improve employee productivity through anytime anywhere access to business assets, communications and working files.

Mobile solutions for increased productivity

Through our smart mobile technology solutions, we can deliver tangible productivity benefits for your organisation including:

  • Increased employee efficiency: secure access to corporate email, data and calendars, with remote address lookup
  • Improved sales: enabling employee access to the right customer data and sales trend information so they can enter billing, order and account information in real time
  • Greater customer responsiveness: employees can manage emails and messages fast, wherever they’re working
  • Effective collaboration: colleagues can share, view and edit documents in real time on mobile and tablet screens.

Mobile mobility management with SOTI’s “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) Technology

The proliferation of mobile devices and data solutions means that employees, customers, visitors and suppliers all expect to use their own personal smartphones, tablets or laptops at work – on your premises and at other sites.

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy allows employees and visitors to use their own personal devices at work seamlessly and efficiently, without compromising network security.

With SOTI’s BYOD solutions, before allowing any mobile device to access the network access you can enforce a minimum security profile that:

  • Requires all devices to be password configured
  • Restricts email use to corporate accounts only
  • Prohibits specific types of applications from being installed
  • Requires all data on the device to be encrypted
  • Ensures all devices comply (at minimum) with the company’s set BYOD security policy.

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