IT security

IT security to protect your business

IT security is critically important in ensuring that your business data and other vital information assets cannot be hacked or compromised.

Alliance Solutions combines in-depth cyber security technical expertise with advanced cyber security technologies from a range of specialist vendor partners.

Using a combination of tools to perform specific jobs is the best solution because it provides a multi-layered approach to today’s sophisticated security threats.


Security audits

Understanding where your data resides and the vulnerabilities that exist are key elements of your IT security solution.

Alliance Solutions will audit your network gateways, applications, servers and end points so we can identify the right security components for your specific business.

The audit will identify network security vulnerabilities, as well as examining the security aspects of your business processes.

In this way we can define current and future threat profiles and develop the optimum solutions to combat them.


IT SecurityBlocking security threats

Your IT security audit allows us to design a comprehensive, multi-layered security solution to protect your business against ever-evolving online threats.

Our security solutions comprise the technologies of selected security vendor partners along with our own expert network engineering resource to create integrated and robust security solutions.

Your IT security solution will protect your entire network infrastructure including servers, gateways, cloud systems, applications, end-user devices and employees.


Ongoing IT security services to protect your data

Alliance Solutions provides a range of individual and fully managed security solutions including:

  • Monitoring your network to identify and prevent breaches
  • Strategy and planning to future proof your network security
  • Updating security profiles to ensure systems remain patched and up to date
  • Deployment of new security technologies and upgrades
  • Management of your entire security solution.

Using Alliance Solutions, you’ll have a network security ecosystem that is specifically tailored to your specific business and provides comprehensive protection for your business.


Our IT security solutions

Each of the following components can be supplied individually or integrated into an overall solution:

  • Perimeter security: UTM appliances and firewalls
  • Endpoint protection: malware prevention for client devices including antivirus and antispam
  • Email security: email filtering and spam prevention
  • Internet: web content filtering
  • Mobile security
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Wireless network security including BYOD solutions


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