enterprise content management

Streamline your business with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

The average employee spends about 35% of their time inefficiently searching through emails, files, folders and paper documents trying to find information they need to do their work.

With Enterprise Content Management software, organisations can improve the way they store, organise, control and locate email, documents and other data, at the same time transforming collaborative working between operational departments, tiered management levels and with 3rd party organisations.


Benefits of the M-Files Enterprise Content Management system

The M-Files Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution supplied and integrated by Alliance Solutions. It is designed to make the management of your entire information life-cycle more efficient, from document creation through storage, retrieval, sharing, collaboration and archiving to disposal.

In 2016 M-Files was included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management for its “completeness of vision and ability to execute”.

The many benefits of using M-Files as your ECM solution include:

  • Efficiency: easier, faster working with documents improves efficiency throughout the organisation
  • Familiarity: M-Files integrates directly with the Windows Explorer interface and integrates with Microsoft Office – so there’s no learning curve
  • Security: lets you control content, avoid losing documents and track document versions
  • Affordability: among the most cost-effective enterprise content management systems
  • Ease of use: access documents and drag and drop files into and out of M-Files in seconds
  • Speed: searching for and finding information in M-Files is fast, simple and efficient using document name, customer, document type or keyword
  • Flexibility: lets you manage all your organisation’s emails, documents, invoices, contracts and purchase orders, so they’re available for any authorised person any time, anywhere
  • Versatility:
    • PSI:Capture software can capture data from most documents and enables scanned documents to be integrated with M-Files;
    • Sharp multi-functional printers can be configured with a shortcut icon on the device’s console to scan documents directly into M-Files.

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