Cloud Data Backup

Your business data is such a valuable asset

Today, online backup solutions are considered mission critical. Cloud data backup should also be a core component of a disaster recovery plan.

According to analysts Gartner, 50% of companies that lose access to mission critical data or applications, and are unable to recover within 24 hours and go out of business within 6 months.

Loss of vital data such as applications, email, files, folders, customer data and supplier documentation (e.g. due to cybercrime or disaster) can cause a major adverse impact on business continuity and commercial operations.

For these reasons, traditional backup methods using off-site tape storage are increasingly being replaced by systems that use automated online data backups to cloud storage.

Cloud data backup solutions from Alliance Solutions

Alliance Solutions online data backup can be automated, run in real time and replicate data on a server either at separate office site or co-location site.

The system backs up additions, deletions or changes to data at the equivalent of byte level rather than file level. This avoids the need to send large amounts of data which requires less bandwidth and speeds up the data transfer process.

The cloud software solution encrypts and manages data off site. Only the client has the encryption key and therefore only the client is able to read the data.

Backup for Office365

Not even Microsoft can guarantee a seamless or complete restore of lost or deleted Office365 data. When data is retrievable, the process can be cumbersome, data retention policies vary by application, and rollback options not granular or detailed enough.

The ideal solution is a cloud-based backup solution to complement Office365.

As a customer of an Alliance Solutions IT support and management contract, you’ll benefit from Office365 Mailbox backup for as little as £1 per month, plus competitive storage rates.

online backup

What’s included in our cloud data backup solution?

A key aspect of the cloud data backup service is that it provides complete peace of mind for business directors and owners.

Access to data backed up in the cloud can be provided fast and from anywhere, meaning that no matter what the circumstances or causes of the failure, your business organisation can be back up and running fast.

Our enterprise quality online backup service is:

  • Based at a resilient, secure UK data centre
  • Easy to implement
  • Fast and seamless
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe and secure
  • Reliable
  • Fully integrated
  • Comprehensive, covering disks, partitions, servers and data
  • Anytime anywhere remote access and recovery
  • Fully managed.

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