Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP telephone solutions deliver ultimate flexibility

VoIP (Voice over IP) systems use the existing computer network cabling and the Internet for making and receiving calls.

Two main types of VoIP system are available: a dedicated hosted system where a VoIP phone system is hosted at a data centre rather than your office (see VoIP Telephone Systems) or a virtual cloud PBX where you pay a monthly fee per handset.

VoIP system benefits summary

  • Uses existing network cabling
  • Calls between individual VoIP phone handsets on the same network are free of charge.
  • Calls between offices and remote users are free of charge.
  • Outgoing calls from any connected phone are routed through the VoIP telephone system using lower cost IP call charges.
  • All call charges including company home office phones are included in a single bill eliminating separate bills for remote users.
  • Each VoIP handset is an extension on the phone network but can also have its own dedicated direct dial phone number.
  • Multiple calls can be made or received concurrently over a single line, reducing the need for multiple BT telephone lines and resulting in ongoing savings on line rental.

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