hosted desktop

Hosted desktop solutions provide you with access to your own desktop environment via your browser using your PC, MAC or mobile computing device.

Alliance Solutions hosted desktop solutions appear to the user just like any standard PC desktop. All your applications such as your email and Microsoft Office documents are available – it’s just that the whole solution is delivered in the cloud.

The hosted desktop looks, feels and behaves in exactly the same way as it would on a PC with all the applications installed on the hard drive.

All that’s needed is a device with a web browser connected to the Internet via Ethernet, WiFi, 3G or 4G wireless, as the hosted desktop solution is powered by using processing in the cloud.

The hosted desktop solution infrastructure is based in a secure data centre with high-quality and resilient Internet connections.

Why use a hosted desktop solution?

Hosted desktop solutions are ideal for organisations with remote working employees who are based at home (either full time or permanently), and for travelling workers who are away on business regularly.

They typically provide more than just the standard applications of Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange email. In addition to standard desktop applications, a hosted desktop may also include industry specific tailored applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, M-Files Document Management and other third party applications.

Why use Alliance Solutions for your hosted desktop solution?

The benefits of using Alliance Solutions for your hosted desktop solution include:

  • Expert advice on the best options available
  • Expert solution configuration to suit user requirements
  • Reduced capital expenditure: all applications are subscription based and hosted in the cloud
  • Flexibility: add or remove user desktops as required to scale with your business needs
  • Optimised desktop support
  • Infrastructure monitoring to ensure maximum performance
  • Security: all your data is stored centrally and securely in the data centre.

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