Who we are

Our colocation services offer high bandwidth connectivity, dual power supply and network resilience in a cost effective solution.

By housing your operational server hardware and systems in our data centre instead of in your own office or data centre, you’ll benefit from significantly reduced management overhead compared to maintaining your own server infrastructure.

You simply ‘rent’ the physical space in our racks in the colocation centre, and we take care of the networking equipment.

Alliance Solutions colocation centres

Alliance Solutions use two colocation facilities, in Stevenage and Milton Keynes.

The colocation centres are served with high speed fibre broadband and 24/7 access and offer rack-based server space for office systems such as:

  • Email
  • Web hosting
  • File sharing and storage
  • VoIP telephone systems
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Online backup
  • Databases
  • Dedicated systems such as accounting and CRM

Benefits of using our colocation service

We take on the responsibility for housing, connectivity, maintenance, security and support of your physical server infrastructure.

The “shared” nature of the physical housing infrastructure such as the building and internal racking cabinets, power provision, network bandwidth and cooling systems means that costs are typically lower than they would be if you ran comparable services yourself.

Features of the Alliance Solutions colocation service include:

  • Power: 2 x 4,000amps (3 phase) on site sub stations
  • Protection from power outages: back up power is provided by an automatic standby generator located within the internal plant room, with full automatic auto changeover. There is sufficient fuel for at least 32 hours service (a 24/7 – 4hr fuel supplier is on contract)
  • Protection against power surges or power cuts
  • High network speed: with lower levels of latency
  • Greater reliability: staff on hand 24/7 to deal with issues
  • Security: higher levels of physical security, including onsite security staff
  • Safety: fire detection and suppression systems

Our colocation services give you flexibility.

You decide which elements you want to take responsibility for, and what you wish to outsource to us.

For example. you can maintain, manage and configure your servers, or we can do it for you.


Contact Alliance Solutions for more information about
our co-location services on 0800 292 2100