cloud computing

Cloud computing has dramatically changed the way organisations use IT systems, services and technologies in recent years

The advent of cloud-based computing since 2010 has seen many organisations shift from a conventional “on-premise” IT model to a “hosted” one or most commonly, a combination of the two – often called a “hybrid solution”.

This has brought about not just a revolutionary change in working practices and business models, but has also given rise to whole new industries.


The benefits of Cloud Solutions

Alliance Solutions provides a range of hosted, cloud-based IT solutions and services. Like all our services, Cloud solutions can be tailored to fit around your specific business requirements, offering flexibility on a pay-as-you-go or upfront cost basis.

Applications like VoIP telephone systems, backup systems, CRM, filesharing and content management systems are hosted and managed remotely in the cloud and accessed rather than stored locally.

Benefits of sourcing your Cloud solution through Alliance Solutions include:

  • Subscription-based payment model (pay only for what you need)
  • Significantly reduced upfront capital investment costs
  • Software and hardware updates and upgrades usually included in the cost
  • Reduced management overhead for the customer
  • Almost unlimited flexibility to add new users or data capacity
  • Anytime, anyplace access to Cloud services on multiple devices including PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet
  • Secure, managed services
  • Private cloud solutions also available.

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